Emergency Services Program

The Emergency Services Program (ESP) serves income-eligible families and individuals primarily in Otsego County. A short income sheet is done when people request assistance. Under the ESP, people can receive assistance with the following:

  • Hygiene and cleaning products: shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, etc
  • Prescription medications
  • Transportation, such as bus passes and gas cards to work or doctor appointments
  • Furniture items
  • Holiday assistance for Thanksgiving

To apply for assistance you may complete the attached forms.

Any questions you may call at 607-432-2870 or contact the ESP manager at

Download Income Sheet

FSA offers support with some emergency needs, as funding allows. Under this program, the agency assists with essential medications, furniture recycling and hygiene/cleaning supplies. The Emergency Services Program also helps with housing search assistance, where the use of phones and newspapers are available-some transportation may be provided.

Two holiday programs are also available through FSA. The Thanksgiving Food Basket Project allows families to receive a food Basket, so they can prepare a hot meal in their own home. The Family Service Association works with other agencies and groups to provide this service.

Our Christmas Adopt A Family project provides food, gifts or both to families. Area groups, families and individuals may choose to adopt a child or a fanily for Christmas.